The journey starts like many others
With hope and joy and trust
No matter how we guard ourselves
To toughen up is ultimately a must.

We tend to help our fellow neighbors
And the old to cross the streets

No matter how we stretch the blanket
It seldom covers your cold feet.

The times we plow through aimlessly
Mistakes we make more than a ton
Careful planning and trepidation
Seldom produce unforgettable fun.

When the wounds of life become
Too raw and at times even drole
We pull away and turn to run
What's inviting is a dark hole.

The nerves are shot and eyes are too
How much we tend to feel
The once strong heart which beat fiercely
Now resembles anything but steel.

We close the curtains and shut the blinds
Time stands still and we stand stunned
Mountains of endless aching feelings
Away from light we run, then grunt.

The dark grows and we become lost
Can't find our way to any smiles
We try to run from ourselves
And we run for miles and miles.

The longest trek in a person’s life
Is to find true happiness within
We think that this can somehow come
If we change physical space again.

As we get tired from constant running
Our energy steadies and quickly fades
If this was school and subjects feelings
We would get steady failing grades.

Your legs get tired and you take
The feelings, place them on a shelf
You run until you have to; face them
And stop running from yourself.


The road ahead is tough enough

Without the need to choose

Which way will you win the most?

And which way will you surely lose?

When you face the fork in the road

Must decide to go ahead

Weigh your options before the choice

Put your worrying to bed.

One choice is going to lead you down

A road you never dreamed of

The other just as marvelous as

The first but one you could have...

If you take one road and not the other

Don’t look back, go full steam ahead

Impossible to split yourself in two

So put the "What if's" to bed.

We make hundreds of choices per day

One of them is our approach, attitude

A positive one can help you take flight

And determines your altitude.

The time has come to sink or swim

You know exactly what to do

Take the first step and begin your walk

The fork in the road is behind you.


Alone again for the holidays
Most people don't think much of it
They don't remember how it can feel
But you see couples coo and together sit.

Thoughts of soft caresses
And tightly held strong hands
Dance with abandon in your head
Like possible circumstances.

The cold crisp air surges
And in your face blows
You shut your eyes quickly
To protect them from blowing snows.

When you open them you see
A beautiful soul on a bench near by
You approach them and say hello
They smile at you while still shy.

The touch of their kindness
Is only matched with their smarts
Once again the fire inside you
And it opens both your hearts.

Talk and laughter, you both try
To hold back your hopeful way
They don't seem to work out for long
And they never ever stay.

Yet you lace up your skates and
Timidly leave the safety of the bench
Both of you give it a whirl and then
It loosens your heart like a wrench.

You both fall down in turn
And help each other rise
The fear grows into trust
To both people's surprise.

A cup of hot chocolate
Then a stroll in the snow
A simple yet elegant way
To let each other know.

That there are feelings afoot
Which want so badly to grow
In your thawing heart's recesses
Which were frozen just hours ago.

The playful gazes and grins
Become synchronized and glue
Two strangers together
And revitalizes both anew.

Snowballs fly at one another
During escalating giggles
Ends in an embrace out of which
Neither of you wiggles.

With pounding hearts and quickened breath
You pull them close for something more
Your eyes meet; you have no chance
They kiss you like no one has before.

Crescendo of feelings, shared slow kisses
Betray your longing for lore
You don't want to let go of the idea
You hope deep down in your core.