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eye love you now in bookstores

It is a very difficult task to describe the feelings I had when I saw my book on the shelves at the bookstore. It was the Sunnyside Mall in Bedford. I guess that excitement, joy, and pride would convey my thoughts at the time. Kerri told me that we could take a drive to check out the book in the store, after I told her about it. I was a little nervous, but the nervousness metamorphosed into elation rather quickly. The excitement of Barbara James, the general manager, was contagious when I told her what book I was looking for. She ushered us to the stacks where the book that I had been working on for the last two years was in display. It had stickers on it saying that it was a LOCAL AUTHOR. We took some pictures and she even got me to sign a copy she purchased. All in all, a wonderful experience that I got to share with my love, Kerri. Can't wait to hear all the feedback from those who purchase my book and it makes them feel, think, and perhaps it will even be used as a great conversation starter. Share the love....Charlie

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